I am all about giving my clients the most bang for the buck. Sometimes a video may require a somewhat exotic location, but there’s not much room in the production budget for such a location. Sound to the rescue! You can substitute sound for location. When a specific location can’t be captured on video, sound can be used to bolster the illusion that a somewhat similar location is the intended location.

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Need a scene at a French café? Shoot in the corner of the kitchen, put a French language poster up on the wall and then add pre-recorded sound from a French café (available from many online outlets). A campfire scene could easily be shot at a backyard fire pit; just add the right clothing and the sounds of forest critters (crickets, owl, etc.). The sand pit at a local playground can be a sandy beach — just make sure to keep only the sand in the frame and add the sound of the ocean waves. Substitute sound for location.

My business coach challenged her Periscope followers to say “goodbye” to their limiting beliefs by writing #goodbye on a rock and then recording a video of them casting the rock away. Being the video production guy, I had to take it up a notch. Just returning from my morning workout, I setup a green screen to capture myself hoisting a pretend rock into a pretend canyon. With just a tiny bit of post-production magic (including sloppy frame tracking) and some sound effects (wilderness birds and an echo on my voice) I created this simple outdoor scene:

In short, remember that sound can be used to help “sell” a scene by giving the viewers more evidence of the intended location.  For an affordable library of royalty music and sound effects, consider AudioBlocks.com.

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