Most of us will recognize the short and simple melodies that are the audio logos of Intel and T-Mobile. Just as certain songs remind you of a particular time or place – along with the related emotions – these cheerful little tunes provide a simple memory hook that associates them with their respective business. Like Pavlov’s dogs associating the sound of a bell with food, we hear these audio logos and immediately associate them with their company. Audio logos are just one more device that help build familiarity with customers and prospects. Audio logos aren’t just for multi-billion dollar corporations, however.

Even a small business can utilize an audio logo in their marketing. You don’t have to wait for a national ad campaign to employ an audio logo. You can use it on your own website and in your own YouTube videos and radio spots. Use it in your on-hold messages and in your voice-mail greeting(s). Use it as the ringtone for your cell phone(s). Eventually, people are going to associate that little melody with you and your business. Like the sentimental tunes of your past that illicit fond emotions, your audio logo can provide a comforting connection with your customers.

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