Project Description


Roundtable Software is recognized globally as a leader in providing best-practice software configuration management solutions for the Progress Software OpenEdge® development environment. Roundtable Software solutions are built and powered by Progress OpenEdge®. As a Progress Technology Alliance Partner for nearly 20 years, Roundtable Software is committed to ensuring that its customers can leverage the best of what the Progress OpenEdge platform has to offer. Roundtable Software solutions are OpenEdge proven, preferred, and compatible release after release.


With a growing need for IT security, many software development organizations must meet SOX and other IT compliance requirements.  Roundtable Software’s flagship Roundtable TSMS application is primarily known as a Software Configuration Management tool. A video was needed to educate software development teams that features within Roundtable TSMS can also help them to meet IT compliance requirements.


Based upon information gathered from interviews with key Roundtable Software personnel, a review of technical support correspondence and product usage, Chapel Hill Media Owner/Creator in Chief Randall K. Harp created the voice over script and storyboard, produced the animation using an After Effects toolkit, and provided the voice over. Music underlay is “Jump And Bounce” by Joel Thomas Hunger.