Project Description


With more than 15 years of senior care experience, Senior Care Advisor Group’s owner,  Steve Chapek,  decided to step out of the assisted living and nursing home industry to help clients achieve their goals in whatever setting they desire. Senior Care Advisor Group is independent and not affiliated with any other company, so they work directly for their clients, helping them to achieve the best possible situation for their elderly loved one’s need — whether that is staying home safely or finding the best care community for them.


Most senior care advisors receive a commission from care facilities, which prohibits them from offering objective guidance that is in the best interests of their clients. While their services may be free to the consumer, the advisors have a vested interest in placing the elderly in specific care facilities. Senior Care Advisor Group works directly for their clients. Although not free to the client, the client can be assured of objective guidance and advocacy on their behalf to achieve their goals. The unique position of Senior Care Advisor Group is an import differentiator that prospective clients need to know. The video is an ideal way to for prospective clients to get familiar with both the unique offering and the character of the company’s founder — which prospects can view at their convenience without time demands upon Senior Care Advisor Group.


After an initial consultation, Chapel Hill Media Owner/Creator in Chief Randall K. Harp conducted in an in-depth, off-camera interview with Senior Care Advisor Group’s owner to discover the owners values and the unique offerings of the company. That information gathered from that discovery process created the framework for a subsequent on-camera interview and videography. The resulting footage was then edited along with a few stock clips into the final form. Music underlay is “Positive Presentation Corporate” by TimCat