Project Description


Since 2001, So Clean Janitorial Service has been providing Middle Tennessee businesses as with value-oriented property maintenance and commercial cleaning services. They have a strong, service-driven reputation for delivering high-quality services at a competitive price — offering the best choice for commercial facility clients. Under the direction of army-veteran owner Errol Murphy,  So Clean brings years of experience and a full line of cleaning services, including office cleaning, commercial janitorial services, window cleaning, and floor cleaning services.


When contacted with prospect inquiries, prospects too often start the conversation by asking for pricing. From that starting point, it’s difficult to know if the prospect is a price-shopper that’s always ready to drop their current janitorial services provide for a lower bidder, or if quality is import to them.  By crafting a two-minute video business card, Chapel Hill Media has enabled So Clean Janitorial to begin prospect communications by presenting the outstanding character of So Clean’s owner, the satisfaction of long-time clients, as well as the unique approach and sanitizing solutions that So Clean offers. Those two minutes of video take no time away from So Clean staff, and help to qualify prospects to make sure that no additional time is wasted on price-only shoppers.  Additionally, the video can be telling the unique story of So Clean Janitorial around the clock in multiple locations.


After an initial consultation, Chapel Hill Media Owner/Creator in Chief Randall K. Harp conducted in an in-depth, off-camera interview with So Clean’s owner to discover the owners values and the unique offerings of the company. That information gathered from that discovery process created the framework for a subsequent on-camera interview and videography of a So Clean Janitorial crew members at work at a client’s site. The resulting footage was then edited along with a few stock clips into the final form. Music underlay is “Inspired Piano Cinematic” by alexbird.