It’s the unofficial office of many an entrepreneur and sales representative. Quite possibly, part of your morning routine is to stop at your local coffee shop, order your double-skinny-mocha-whatever and then to sit down with your notebook computer, your beverage and the complimentary wi-fi to catch up on emails, the news, Facebook, Twitter or continue to work on that proposal. Look around you. You’re not alone. They’re looking at you, too, you know — so why not give them something to look at?

Rather than give free advertising to the manufacturer of your computer who has strategically placed their logo on the backside of the screen so that everyone else can see what brand of computer you prefer (or are currently stuck with), why not use that same ad space to promote your own business? There are plenty of suppliers out there that will print a custom skin or cover for your make and model of computer featuring your logo, URL, tagline, etc., for a tiny fraction of what you spent on the machine. Think of it: While you sit there working (or playing) and enjoying your morning beverage, you’re covertly advertising your business to a roomful of people.

Here a just a few providers of custom computer covers (No affiliation with Chapel Hill Media):