The information age has opened the door to electronics in previously digital-free activities. Many country clubs now provide GPS units in their golf carts to provide detailed information on the hole that golfers are about to play, including precise distance, detailed images and hazards. Unlike the screens showing seemingly random video in a loud night club, these small, cart-mounted screens get dedicated attention from the course’s clientele — which makes them an effective outlet for advertising; something that has not gone unnoticed by the country clubs.

Just about as many of the golf courses that provide GPS units with their golf carts also sell advertising time for those screens. If you have a business near such a golf course and offer a product or service that might be popular with the course’s demographic (often upper-class businessmen and women), you might consider golf cart advertising as part of your marketing portfolio. If your local golf course doesn’t offer GPS units with their carts, there may be a whole new business opportunity for you there.