When we get the newly printed yellow-pages phone book on our front porch, it typically goes straight to the recycle bin. Sure, you could set it near the wall-mounted phone in the kitchen — if you had such a piece of classic technology. Fewer and fewer people these days even have a land line, and even senior citizens are getting more tech savvy; more likely perform searches on their smartphones than to let their fingers do the walking. In a tech-savvy society, a website is a must for any enterprise. Unfortunately, this “must” sometimes leads to haste in trying to roll out too much, too soon.

While it’s extremely helpful to decide what pages and content you want to have in your website design from the start, it doesn’t all have to happen all at once — especially if you don’t yet have the content to supply for all of the pages and parts. It’s better to have a single, polished page with the basics of your organization’s name, brief description and contact details then to have several pages with no content, “coming soon” or, worse yet, hyperlinks intended for future content that instead result in 404 (page not found) errors. Why? Because it suggests that you’re making stuff up as you go. Maybe you really are making up stuff as you go, but projecting that image does little to build consumer confidence.

Want to put up a photo gallery of your product(s)? Great. Get all your photos first and then add a photo gallery to your website. A photo gallery with zero or two photos is hardly a gallery. Want a page that introduces your team? Awesome. Gather their photos, short bios and any pertinent contact information and THEN create a page for it. One individual isn’t a “team” and a simple list of names without titles or biographical information creates more mystery than introduction (Imagine if I came up to you and said, “I’d like to introduce Bob,” without Bob being there and I gave no further information: What he does, how I know him (if I do), or why I want to introduce him to you). There are many other common examples that I could mention, but I hope that you are getting the idea. Yes, if you don’t have a website then you should get one up post haste, but PLEASE don’t be hasty about it.